Tape #9, at which point the magnitude of the undertaking (counting down the best 1002 songs of all time) was beginning to wear on the poor DJs, and mistakes were made. The first half of the tape contains #s 719 – 723 in keeping with progress through the countdown; the second half, they jump back to #s 922 – 929 to fill in a chunk that had been missed. The DJ on duty, Alan Cross, uses the space between songs to point out to certain members of the sound crew that they should watch their stress levels or their health could suffer. And the weather was really, really hot and stinky.

Oh and I had also raided my mom’s briefcase and found this fabulous giant black marker that produced a shiny, lacquered finish even on glossy tape covers … so I stole it and used it on most of the cassettes from here on in, until it ran dry. I was such a bad kid.

723. Cruiser’s Creek – The Fall

722. You Think You’re A Man – Divine
721. April Fool – Chalk Circle

720. The Formula – Thinkman (the ultimate meta video: the source on YouTube recorded this by pointing their digital camera at their TV screen.)

719. Marquee Moon – Television

929. Monkey Gone To Heaven – The Pixies
928. Don’t Give Up – Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush
927. Mercy Mercy Me – Marvin Gaye
926. Madame Butterfly – Malcolm MacLaren

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923. Recipe For Love – Harry Connick, jr.
922. Money For Nothing – Dire Straits