You can see that with cassette #4, I really started to warm to my project and began challenging myself to make my work visually aesthetically valid, with a clear artistic statement. Or something.

860. Record Body Count – Rheostatics (Honestly, the ONLY video I could find on the internets! Sorry about the bad audio quality.)

859. Sinful! – Pete Wylie

858. One More Colour – Jane Sibbery

n/a Time After Time – Beloved confused with:
857. Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper

(Due to songs being called up by title and not by artist, the wrong Time After Time was played here. Apparently, the Beloved song comes up again later, much higher in the countdown.)

856. Good Morning Britain – Aztec Camera

855. Careless Whisper – Wham!
854. Moondance – Van Morrison
853. Everybody Wants to Rule The World – Tears For Fears
852. Tour de France – Kraftwerk

851. Ship of Fools – Erasure
850. Radio Radio – Elvis Costello
849. Strange Days – Doors
848. Revolution – Cult
847. The Boy With The Thorn in His Side – Smiths
846. Marian – Sisters of Mercy

…at the end of which my favourite DJ, Dani Elwell, declares her intention to broadcast from an exotic location. “It’s Halloween … and it’s the Alternative Bedtime Hour in a graveyard!”
Kneale Mann – “You’re really pushing for this, aren’t you?”
Of course, the hoped-for graveyard show never did happen … waah.
The Bedtime Hour was your source for all that trippy, abstract, drone-y music that doesn’t make it into the standard alternative rock playlist. Dani would sometimes play bands like Ministry during the Bedtime Hour, but it would have to be some hallucinogenic track like “Dreamsong”, rather than something louder and more rousing. I also remember a lot of new age-y pieces from Dan Gibson’s Solitudes – birdsong and dripping water set to chill electronic backing. Oh, and lots and lots of Cocteau Twins.

845. Subdivisions – Rush (I’m including this video because it so captures the gray Toronto that I remember from the 80s. In fact this vid was shot quite near where I went to high school.)

844. Pigs In Zen – Jane’s Addiction
843. Don’t Know Why I Love You – House of Love

842. Cat’s Cradle – Harry Chapin
841. Brilliant Mind – Furniture

840. Chorus – Erasure
839. Romeo and Juliet – Dire Straits